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FlashSeries and Special Needs Learning


Can the FlashSeries products  be used to teach Special Needs learners?

 Absolutely!  As a matter of fact, the FlashSeries line of computer programs was originally designed specifically for children with special needs. 


How were the programs developed?

Our daughter, who happens to have a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, loves to work and play on the computer.  There were many activities in her daily schoolwork/therapy program that she did not particularly enjoy doing.   Since she loves computers so much, we decided to create computer programs where she could do her activities in an environment that she enjoyed.   Our daughter loved the programs (and still does!).  The FlashSeries programs held her attention and she quickly progressed in her auditory/visual processing, reading level and her math skills.  She now loves to sit and read on her own.  As a matter of fact, she will sit and read for long of periods of time.  She also loves to read out loud to anyone who will listen.  Not only can she read, but she understands what she is reading.  


Once we had the first programs finished, we realized that these computer programs were also very effective in teaching our other children (normal to advanced learners).  The programs made teaching the basics quick, fun and easy.  


Who has used the programs?

The FlashSeries computer programs have been used by parents, teachers and therapist across the United States, Canada and Europe.  The International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalist (ICAN ), uses several of our products to work with children of all ability levels.  The programs have been used effectively to teach children with Down Syndrome, Austism - including Asperger's, Cerebral Palsy, brain injured children, ADD/ADHD, and dyslexia.  Dick and Jane In A Flash was used to each an elderly brain injured client to read for the very first time!   We have received some wonderful feedback from the teachers, parents and therapist (see our Testimonies! page to read more).  


How do the programs work?

Learn It! Screen shot              Subtraction Math Facts Learn It!

(Figure 1, Learn It! Screen shot)                                          (Figure 2, Learn It! Screen Shot) 


As you can see in the screen shots above, information is flashed up on the screen in different, random locatioins.  Information is flashed at a rate of 1 item per second.  This is the optimal speed for the brain to learn new information (some FlashSeries programs allow the user to speed up or slow down the rate, depending on the user's specific needs).  While the written information is flashed up on the screen, the information is also spoken.  This unique method TEACHES the information to the child in a fun and dynamic way.   This method allows children of all ages and abilities to benefit from the FlashSeries programs. 

Once the child has been taught the new information, then the games begin!  Several differents games (depending on the product) are used to reinforce information learned in a non-stressful, fun environment.  Our programs do not use negative feedback sounds or negative visual cues for incorrect answers on the games.  The game will not progress until the correct answer is given.  This method reinforces learning in a positive environment that encourages further learning, rather than discouraging or frustrating a child with negative feedback.  

To view our products in action, please see our online demonstrations

If you have further questions or comments, please contact us !  We are happy to help answer any and all questions.  

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