Product Reviews

Product Reviews


We have received the subtraction flash cards and they are working just as well as the others. My son learned his addition facts so quickly and effortlessly and the subtraction facts are proving to be just as easy.  Thanks for helping us with this important area of learning.


I was telling my classmates about this series, they have kids that need help memorizing addition and subtraction facts.  You guys have a really good product. 

I look forward to my new CD.  Thank you



I am teaching my Dow Syndrome son, who is 10yo, with many of your 
excellent products and he loves them all!!
We are currently working with Dick and Jane in a Flash, Instant Words, 
Sequencing, Numbers, Lickity split addition...

All these products are a great asset to his curriculum and a great 
help to me as his primary teacher...

Thanks thanks thanks...

Keep them coming for the Mac platform


Good afternoon!  We have used and are using several of your products.  Our children enjoy using them and they work!  Our son was reading after one session with Dick and Jane in a Flash!!
We are interested in Phonics in a Flash.  Do you have a release date?
Thank you so much!


We love the Instant words level 1 and Dick and Jane CDs - they have been such a blessing in helping my son read.  





I am a special ed teacher, and I really like many of your products. 

One of the things I love about your programs is the immediate SHORT positive feedback.  With yours the student can accomplish much in a short amount of time.  With "Earobics" there are SO MANY bells and whistles that some students get bored WAITING to try the next task.


My six year old son enjoys the "Dick and Jane" Flash Series. "I like being on the computer", he says. Using the CD along with the book has given him an extra confidence in reading.

A Happy Mother

Thank you! Thank you! Lily (age 8) is now reading and I am positive it is Dick and Jane in a Flash that helped her turn the corner. With Lily’s visual problems, reading was a huge battle for her and consequently, school was becoming a dreadful time of day. While she could recite all the phonics rules (having spent 4 years on them) and could certainly recognize letters and their sounds, Lily was unable to make the bridge between what she was seeing with her eyes and reading with her brain. Although you recommended using the program a little at a time, I couldn’t get her to stop! After only one session, she was able to sit and read through a few stories in the yellow book. This did wonders for her confidence and desire to learn. The change was amazing and I often find her with a book in hand these days. She continues to come back to the program "for fun" and I have heard her praise her younger siblings saying "stupendous".  Then, there is Daniel. Daniel began reading with little help from me. He picked it up in part from hearing Lily’s phonics exercises over and over. Daniel loves Dick and Jane in a Flash and will chose it over Putt-Putt or Pajama Sam! He, too, is reading from the Dick and Jane books very easily. We would love to have more!


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